Unlike some other organizations, CID Group does not advocate the displacement of existing staff, instead we endeavor to work in a complementary fashion with and as an extension of a clients existing facility staff.

As defined by the International Facility Management Association, facility management is the practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of the organization. It integrates the principles of business administration, architecture and the behavioral and engineering sciences. The personnel of CID Group have many years of in-house facility management experience. This knowledge allows us to understand and anticipate organizational non-project specific needs. When additional resources or expertise are required, we will work with your existing facilities staff to provide supplemental resources to manage the following:

Program Management

Maintenance Improvements

Tenant Fit-Outs and Upgrades

Project Feasibility Studies

Long-Range and Annual Facility Planning

Facility Financial Forecasting

Real Estate Acquisition and/or Disposal

Work Specifications, Installation and Space Management

Architectural and Engineering Planning and Design

New Construction and/or Renovation

Maintenance and Operations Management

Telecommunications Integration, Security and General