CID Group can provide the full range of construction management services, as the owner’s agent, that are typically provided by a general contractor.

In reality, a construction manager and project manager’s skill set, aptitudes and services are highly intertwined and sometimes indistinguishable. The role of CID Group is generally that of an owner’s representative, however we routinely provide services which may be considered construction manager’s services. We firmly believe that fair competition among qualified, capable general contractors ultimately results in the best construction pricing for owners. However, we realize that for various reasons this may not always be a feasible approach. In this event, we are prepared to provide full support for all construction activities.

Design Phase

Active management of the entire design team.
Perform document constructibility review.
Manage the entire design process and provide input on phasing, schedule, construction means and methods and logistics.
Perform value engineering services and analysis of systems as required.
Solicit subcontractor, vendor, and market pricing to refine and develop budgets.
Coordinate design requirements and confirm design approvals with executive management, facility staff, operations and maintenance and other departmental requirements.

Bidding Phase

Prepare detailed subcontractor/vendor bid package scope statements.
Coordinate and manage all bidding activities to include: conducting prebid meetings, receive and expedite response to all questions, receive bids and prepare bid recaps.
Conduct detailed contractor scope review meetings and prepare summary of results.
Prepare detailed project budgets based on standard CSI specifications breakdown.

Construction Phase

Develop contracts (generally AIA based), other contractor/subcontractor agreements, purchase orders, etc. for execution by the client.
Prepare detailed CPM schedules coordinating the work of all trades, owner required activities, approvals, occupancy inspections, etc.
Conduct all required project meetings.
Manage shop drawings/submittals, RFI’s, COR’s and other project correspondence.
Coordinate all field activities.
Manage all punchlist and associated close-out activities. We will endeavor to minimize the close-out period to the fullest extent possible.